January 2016 Favorites

January Favorites

I know that all during January I highlighted my favorite products in my “Best of 2015” series, but this video is all about my favorites from the first month of 2016. I guess I was feeling a bit nostalgic, because there are a few old favorites that popped up for a second (or third) time, as well as a whole bunch of new loves.

One of my goals for 2016 is to get a little more organized, so I’d like to carry this goal over to my blog posts as well. I’ve tried to divvy up my favorites into three categories: Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle [Read more…]

Most Popular Products of 2015

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A feature of my YouTube videos that I’m very proud of is my very full description boxes. For almost the entire 5 ½ years that I’ve been making videos, I’ve tried to list everything that was mentioned in the video in the description box. For the last 3 years or so, I’ve also added links next to the items, to make it easier for you to get more information about the product and for you to purchase it, if you so desire.

The nice thing about using these links is that I can see which links were clicked on the most (don’t worry, I can’t see WHO clicked on them) which then gives me more information as to what you’re interested in and what you’re not. My dear friend Erin Busbee recently put up a video where she listed the best sellers from her blogs and videos (watch it HERE), so I decided to totally steal the idea and do it too! [Read more…]

Best of 2015 | Lifestyle Favorites

LifeStyle Faves 2015

Finally, the last of the 2015 Favorites videos (and blog posts)! I don’t know how some people have boiled the whole list down to 15 items…I clearly couldn’t even get close!  These favorites can be broken down into 3 distinct categories: books, “stuff”, and recipes.

My love of reading is no secret, and I definitely have a preference to the type of books I read. I prefer to read books in a series, because I really like to get to know the characters and “spend” a lot of time with them. I also like to read mysteries more than any other genre, although if I can combine some sort of paranormal feature with a mystery, then I’m in heaven! Here are my favorite books from 2015:

[Read more…]