My Husband Explains the Purpose of Makeup

The purpose of makeup

If you’re a regular viewer of my YouTube channel, then you know my husband, Michael, joins me on (some) Mondays to add his opinion on a variety of subjects, some beauty related, some not.  I’ve been wanting him to do the popular “My Husband Does My Makeup” video for ages, but he said he won’t do it until I hit 200,000 subscribers.  Until then, he was willing to try Plan B…a BRILLIANT blog post originally started by Kirsty from Life in Excess, then expanded on by Laura from Buy Now Blog Later.  Laura is one of my favorite Internet people, and when I read her husband’s responses to what various makeup items were I couldn’t stop laughing.  In homage to these two great ladies I decided to turn their blog posts into a video tag…which you can watch HERE.

Michael & Marnie Mondays

This is my “he can’t be serious” face.

The idea is to hand your husband/boyfriend/partner/significant other/son/brother/male figure in your life various cosmetics and ask them what they think it is and what they think it’s for.  You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard…but you’d be wrong!  I’m still sort of shocked that as much time as Michael spends around me while I’m shopping and/or applying makeup that he would have picked up a few things…but maybe not so much.

I definitely learned a few things about Michael during this little experiment.  One–that he can’t open makeup, especially palettes and two–that in his world view, everything relates back to golf. *Sigh*

Don’t forget to watch the video for some laughs, and if you’d like to see what products I reach for daily, have a scroll through the products below:


April 2016 Favorites

April Monthly Favorites

This is absolutely my favorite kind of video to make-the roundup of my monthly favorites of the month.  I always try to mention a little bit of everything-beauty, fashion, books, TV shows, sometimes even other YouTubers.  This month wasn’t the longest list, but there were a few stand-outs I had to share with you!

The month kicked off with the annual spring Sephora VIB Sale (read my sale picks here) and while I picked up a few things, only one made it to the Favorites list.  I absolutely adore Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Cream, either worn by itself or mixed with a foundation, like another favorite, CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous.  Mixed with a foundation, it adds a lovely glow as well as an addition of SPF 30.  It’s a win-win!  And speaking of glow…the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal gives me the effect of an in your face highlighter, while still blending more naturally with my skin tone since it isn’t such a stark whitish color. I can’t recommend it enough for those who want to try a stronger highlight but are afraid of looking like a disco ball.  The eyeshadow palette that I’ve reached for over and over is the Butter London Natural Charm Palette.  The name says it all-it is made up of lovely natural tones and when applied with the standard light shimmer on the lid, matte brown in the crease makes my eyes…pop!!  And lastly, a beauty tool that has elevated my hair game is the T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron.  I’m still not great at doing my own hair, but this fun little gadget actually gives me as close to Victoria’s Secret hair as I’m going to get on my own.


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Skincare Trend: Multi-Masking

Favorite Facial Masks Strivectin Colleen Rothschild Sephora

All of a sudden, there’s been nothing more popular in skincare then using a mask, and now it’s apparently not sufficient to use just one at a time.  So many of us are already masters of multi-tasking, so why not extend that talent to “multi-masking”?  In the video below, I’ll walk you through how and why I multi-mask, and why this trend is so perfect for “Grown-Up Woman”.  If you’d like to see more of my exclusive videos for Mode each month, click here to subscribe (it’s free)!

Masking, let alone multi-masking, can sound complicated or overwhelming, but if you have 15 extra minutes in the morning or evening once or twice a week, you can really make a difference not just in how your skin looks without makeup, but it can also enhance the makeup that you wear on a daily basis.  I personally prefer to mask twice a week–once on Sunday evenings for more of a deep clean and to specifically target problem areas, and once mid-week in the morning to give my skin a little boost and enhance the glow.

What skincare trends to you want to know more about?  Is there a topic that you think would be perfect for the Grown-Up Woman’s Guide? Please let me know what you want to learn more about and see discussed here on MsGoldgirl!

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